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ENTROPY(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual ENTROPY(1)

entropy - calculate data entropy

entropy -sv ] [  -tstring ]

This manual describes the operating procedure for the entropy program. This program will calculate the specific entropy for a given chunk of binary or ascii data that was previously read from stdin or supplied on the command line via -t.
The most common use for this program is to gauge the efficiency of a compression algorithm. In theory, based on the data's entropy, the maximum theoretical compression rate can be calculated.
To understand how compression works, we must understand that all data can be characterized by informational content, called its entropy (the term is borrowed from Thermo-Dynamics). Compression is possible because most data is represented with more bits then its entropy suggests is optimal.

Rather then read the data from the stdin input stream, use the string string as the source of the data. This is useful when you would like to calculate for a specific word or sentence.
Sorted output based on symbol frequencies
Print entropy version.

A data set's entropy is the sum of each distinct symbol's entropies. A symbol is a distinct set of contiguous bits. For the sake of simplicity, I use 8 (number of bits making up a byte). It is important to note that a symbol does NOT have to consist of 8 bits. A distinct symbols entropy `S' of symbol 'z' can be defined as:
Sz = -log2(Pz)
Where `Pz' is the probability of symbol 'z' being found in the set. By storing each distinct symbol as a node in a list, we can calculate exactly how many times the symbol occurs in the set. This is also known as solving for the symbol's frequency.
In order to calculate the overall entropy of the data; we sum the total entropies contributed by each distinct symbol and divide that by a coefficient known as the data size. This coefficient is calculated by taking the number of bits per symbol and multiplying it by the total quantity of symbols.

The entropy utility exits 0 on success, and non-zero if an error occurs.

gzip(1), bzip2(1), tar(1), minigzip(1), gzexe(1), kgzip(8)
compress(1), zcmp(1), zdiff(1), zlib(3)

o Chris S.J. Peron

None known. This does not mean they do not exist though. Please send bug reports and source code patches to (
9 Aug 2002 entropy version 1.0.0

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