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Event::MakeMaker(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Event::MakeMaker(3)

Event::MakeMaker - MakeMaker glue for the C-level Event API

This is an advanced feature of Event.

For optimal performance, hook into Event at the C-level. You'll need to make changes to your "Makefile.PL" and add code to your "xs" / "c" file(s).

When you hook in at the C-level you get a huge performance gain, but you also reduce the chances that your code will work unmodified with newer versions of "perl" or "Event". This may or may not be a problem. Just be aware, and set your expectations accordingly.

  use Event::MakeMaker qw(event_args);
  # ... set up %args ...

  #include "EventAPI.h"

 struct EventAPI {
    I32 Ver;
    /* EVENTS */
    void (*queue   )(pe_event *ev);
    void (*start   )(pe_watcher *ev, int repeat);
    void (*now     )(pe_watcher *ev);
    void (*stop    )(pe_watcher *ev, int cancel_events);
    void (*cancel  )(pe_watcher *ev);
    void (*suspend )(pe_watcher *ev);
    void (*resume  )(pe_watcher *ev);
    /* All constructors optionally take a stash and template.  Either
      or both can be NULL.  The template should not be a reference. */
    pe_idle     *(*new_idle  )(HV*, SV*);
    pe_timer    *(*new_timer )(HV*, SV*);
    pe_io       *(*new_io    )(HV*, SV*);
    pe_var      *(*new_var   )(HV*, SV*);
    pe_signal   *(*new_signal)(HV*, SV*);
    /* TIMEABLE */
    void (*tstart)(pe_timeable *);
    void (*tstop)(pe_timeable *);
    /* HOOKS */
    pe_qcallback *(*add_hook)(char *which, void *cb, void *ext_data);
    void (*cancel_hook)(pe_qcallback *qcb);
    /* STATS */
    void (*install_stats)(pe_event_stats_vtbl *esvtbl);
    void (*collect_stats)(int yes);
    pe_ring *AllWatchers;
    /* TYPEMAP */
    SV   *(*watcher_2sv)(pe_watcher *wa);
    void *(*sv_2watcher)(SV *sv);
    SV   *(*event_2sv)(pe_event *ev);
    void *(*sv_2event)(SV *sv);

  static pe_io *X11_ev=0;
  static void x_server_dispatch(void *ext_data)
  { ... }
  if (!X11_ev) {
    X11_ev = GEventAPI->new_io(0,0);
    X11_ev->poll = PE_R;
    sv_setpv(X11_ev->base.desc, "X::Server");
    X11_ev->base.callback = (void*) x_server_dispatch;
    X11_ev->base.ext_data = <whatever>;
    X11_ev->base.prio = PE_PRIO_NORMAL;
  X11_ev->fd = x_fd;
  GEventAPI->resume((pe_event*) X11_ev);
  GEventAPI->start((pe_event*) X11_ev, 0);

I'd prefer not to export the entire Event.h apparatus in favor of minimizing interdependencies. If you really, really need to create a new type of watcher send your problem analysis to the mailing list!
2018-11-17 perl v5.28.1

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