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SQLEngine::Driver::Sybase::MSSQL(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation SQLEngine::Driver::Sybase::MSSQL(3)

DBIx::SQLEngine::Driver::Sybase::MSSQL - Support Microsoft SQL via DBD::Sybase

DBI Wrapper: Adds methods to a DBI database handle.
  my $sqldb = DBIx::SQLEngine->new( 'dbi:Sybase:server=MyServer' );
Portability Subclasses: Uses driver's idioms or emulation.
  $hash_ary = $sqldb->fetch_select( 
    table => 'students' 
    limit => 5, offset => 10

This package provides a subclass of DBIx::SQLEngine::Driver::Sybase which compensates for configurations in which DBD::Sybase is being used to communicate with a Microsoft SQL Server database.
If you are connecting to a Microsoft SQL Server through ODBC, you should use the regular MSSQL driver; see DBIx::SQLEngine::Driver::MSSQL
For more information, see "Using DBD::Sybase with MS-SQL" in DBD::Sybase.

Note that this driver class has been added recently and not yet tested in real-world conditions.

This subclass of the Sybase driver must be specifically triggered, because the package is unable to automatically detect the difference between using DBD::Sybase with a Sybase server and using it with a Microsoft server.
To do this, call select_dbms_flavor after connecting:
  my $sqldb = DBIx::SQLEngine->new( 'dbi:Sybase:server=MyServer' );
For more information, see the documentation for the superclass, DBIx::SQLEngine::Driver::Sybase.

When using DBD::Sybase to talk to a Microsoft SQL Server, "?"-style placeholders are not supported.
Uses the NoPlaceholders trait. For more information, see DBIx::SQLEngine::Driver::Trait::NoPlaceholders.

After the normal prepare_execute cycle, this also sets the sth's LongReadLen to dbms_longreadlen_bufsize().
Set to 1_000_000.

See DBIx::SQLEngine for the overall interface and developer documentation.
See DBIx::SQLEngine::Docs::ReadMe for general information about this distribution, including installation and license information.
2004-11-13 perl v5.28.1

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