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SVN::Agent(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation SVN::Agent(3)

SVN::Agent - simple svn manipulation.

  use SVN::Agent;
  my $sa = SVN::Agent->load({ path => 'my_checkout_dir' });
  # find out modified files
  print join(',', @{ $sa->modified }) . "\n";
  # usual svn operations

This module provides regular svn operations on check out directory. It tries to do this in a simplest form possible.
All operations are currently performed by running svn binary directly. Thus it is probably unportable.
For a much more powerful way of working with svn repository see SVN::Client.

Constructs SVN::Agent instance. Loads current status of the directory given by "path" option.

Returns array of files which are currently modified.

Returns array of file which are scheduled for addition.

Returns array of files which do not exist in svn repository.

Returns array of files which are scheduled for deletion.

Returns array of files which are missing from the working directory.

Returns array of files which are changes for the next commit. Note that you can also modify this array to change next commit files.

Adds a file into repository. If the file's directory is not under svn control, SVN::Agent adds it also.

Runs revert command.

Rolls modified, added and deleted arrays into changes array.

Commits current changes using MESSAGE as a log message. The changes should be listed in the changes array. Returns list of the output lines.

Updates current working directory from the latest repository contents.

Schedules FILE for removal. Note, that it doesn't physically removes the file from the working directory.

Diffs the file against the repository.

Checks-out working copy from the REPOSITORY into directory given by "path" option.

Boris Sukholitko <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

SVN::Client, SVN manual.
2009-10-07 perl v5.28.1

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