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Maypole::View::Base(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Maypole::View::Base(3)

Maypole::View::Base - Base class for view classes

This is the base class for Maypole view classes. This is an abstract class that defines the interface, and can't be used directly.

This is the entry point for the view. It templates the request and returns a "Maypole::Constant" indicate success or failure for the view phase.
Anyone subclassing this for a different rendering mechanism needs to provide the following methods:

In this method you do the actual processing of your template. it should use paths to search for components, and provide the templates with easy access to the contents of vars. It should put the result in "$r->output" and return "OK" if processing was sucessfull, or populate "$r->error" and return "ERROR" if it fails.

Additionally, individual derived model classes may want to override the

The default constructor does nothing. You can override this to perform actions during view initialization.

Returns search paths for templates. the default method returns folders for the model class's "moniker", factory, custom under the configured template root.

returns a hash of data the template should have access to. The default one populates classmetadata if there is a table class, as well as setting the data objects by name if there is one or more objects available.

2007-05-18 perl v5.28.1

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