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VPS v2: SSH Client:Configuring PuTTY

bullet Introduction

PuTTY is a free SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client for 32-bit Windows systems. The Session configuration panel contains the basic options you need to specify in order to open a session at all, and also allows you to save your settings to be reloaded later. Specific instructions about how to configure and use PuTTY are included below:

  1. Open PuTTY, the configuration panel displays:

  2. Type the IP address or hostname in the appropriate field:

  3. Select the SSH protocol:

  4. Click Open to begin your session


bullet Logging-in to Your Virtual Private Server
  1. Enter your secure username

  2. Press Enter on your keyboard. You will be prompted for your secure password

  3. Enter your secure login password.

    NOTE: The password will not display as you type it.

  4. Press Enter. The command prompt will display if the username and password entered are correct.


bullet Saving Your PuTTY Session
  1. Enter your configuration settings as above.

    NOTE: For security reasons, it is highly recommended you DO NOT login directly as root. Instead, connect as the Administrative User and use the su command when you need to use the root user. See Connecting to your new Virtual Private Server for the First Time for details regarding this.

  2. Type a name for your login session into the Saved Session field

  3. Click Save. The login preferences will be saved


bullet Did it Work?
  1. Highlight the saved session and click Load. The saved session will load

  2. Click Open to begin the session. The login screen should display.

Additional options can also be changed in the middle of a session, by selecting "Change Settings" from the window menu.

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