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bullet Administration
  • Users

    Managing user accounts, groups, and file permissions.

  • Sub-hosting

    How to configure your Apache Web Server for Sub-hosted domain names.

  • Program Scheduling

    The cron program scheduler permits you to run programs at specified times.

bullet Security
  • SSL

    Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) adds encryption to Web, FTP, and E-Mail connections.

  • SSH

    SSH provides an encrypted shell connection to your server.

  • E-Mail Encryption

    PGP and GnuPG encrypt file or E-Mail content for secure transmission.

  • Password Security

    Passwords are the front-line defense against intruders on your server.

bullet Services
  • FTP
    • FTP Client

      Configuring and using FTP client programs to transfer files to and from your server.

    • FTP Server

      Configuring your server's FTP settings.

  • E-Mail
    • E-Mail Client

      Configuring and using E-Mail client programs (such as Eudora, Outlook, etc.) with your server.

    • E-Mail Server

      Configuring your E-Mail server.

      • Automatic Reply

        Send automated responses to incoming E-mail.

      • ClamAV

        Scan E-Mail messages for malicious viruses.

      • Mailing Lists

        Mailing lists provide a means for large groups of people to share information.

      • Procmail

        E-mail filtering utility.

      • Anti-Spam Tools

        Prevent spammers from abusing your server for sending or recieving unsolicited E-Mail.

  • Shell
    • Shell Clients

      SSH and Telnet client programs allow you to run commands directly on your server.

    • Shell Tools

      Commands, utilities, and information about using the UNIX shell.

  • Web
    • Web Server

      The Apache Web Server can be customized to suit your needs.

      • Web Log Files

        Web server log files are used to record and monitor activity on your Web server.

      • Apache Modules

        Expand the capabilities of your Web server.

      • CGI

        Customize your Web site with programs to enhance the user experience.

      • Site Search
        • ht://Dig

          ht://Dig is an advanced Web-site search utility.

        • Namazu

          Web-site search utility which includes support for the Japanese language characters.

        • SWISH-E

          The SWISH-E program can be used to index and search files on your server.

      • Content Management
        • Frontpage

          Microsoft Frontpage is an easy to use utility for creating and publishing Web sites.

        • Zope

          Zope is a content-management system built with the python programming language.

        • Share360/Cybozu

          Cybozu (called Share360 for the English-speaking market) is a robust groupware system with integrated support for Japanese language characters.

bullet Add-Ons

There are a large number of add-on programs included as vinstall packages or as part of the FreeBSD ports collection which can be used to expand the capabilities of your server.

  • ControlPanels
    • iManager

      iManager allows users to access the server using a Web-based graphical interface.

    • Webmin

      Server administrators can perform many of their administrative tasks using Webmin. Usermin is an add-on package that provides end-users a graphical interface to the server as well.

    • Twig

      TWIG is a Web-based E-Mail and Newsgroup client program.

  • Databases
    • MySQL

      MySQL is one of the most popular open-source database servers available.

    • PostgreSQL

      PostgreSQL is among the most powerful open-source SQL database server.

  • Programming Languages
    • Miva Empresa

      Miva Empresa is a scripting language, most frequently used in conjunction with Miva Merchant.

    • Perl

      The Perl programming language is one of the most powerful and popular scripting languages in use.

    • PHP

      PHP allows you to create dynamic Web site content, including interfacing with a database.

      • ZendOptimizer

        Improve the efficiency and speed of your PHP scripts using ZendOptimizer

    • Python

      Python is a powerful scripting language.

    • Java

      Java is a platform and O/S independent programming language popular for Web programming.

  • Fileshare

    The Samba filesharing program allows your PC to access your server as if it were a local disk drive.

  • E-Commerce
    • Miva Merchant

      Miva Merchant is a popular tool for creating on-line store-fronts and product catalogs.

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